Bren Haas of Creative Living and Growing ~ ~ P. Allen Smiths’s 10 Great Garden Blogs (listed as BG Garden Blog, her Twitter handle)
“This is the journal for everyone who desires to grow something or share the love of cultivating. Joy has put together all the ingredients ~ to create the perfect garden because it allows the grower to be the author. Any book that has ~ is going to be used by me daily in my creative growing journey because I live by that in my 18 acres and when I help others with their growing adventure. This is the perfect book to keep out on a coffee table for everyone to enjoy and be inspired to garden.”
Aeroquinn63 ~
Perfect for Homeschool Science and Writing Classes! January 24, 2016
The perfect journal for my homeschooling grandson. We are beginning a plant/gardening unit for science, while tracking birds and wildlife this winter. Thank you for the inspiration to make science (and writing!) fun! ~Gardening Home School Grandma
Beth Whitworth ~
Comprehensive, Inclusive and Resourceful! December 2, 2015
This is the most comprehensive gardening journal that I have seen. The pages are well thought out by an experienced gardener and can be used by a novice or professional. Having pages to record your suppliers (from seeds to tools) and purchases is a great resource! How many times have I forgotten where I bought something that needed replacing or that grew exceptionally well? I also loved that the pages included resources from plants to trees. Other journals I have seen only list certain plants or are designed for vegetable gardens. This journal is inclusive and very resourceful! Once this journal has been used, I can see the documentation speaking to future generations about the technical side of gardening as well as the enjoyment that it brings to the gardener who planned, recorded and observed the beauty and bounty of what the earth can yield. This journal can be an inspiration to future generations for it has been said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”
Carrie A. Turansky ~
Lovely Journal for Any Gardener! November 30, 2015
What a beautiful book! I love to garden, and I’m looking forward to using this planner to keep track of my gardening notes. I appreciate the tips included on pruning and checking the soil, etc. I enjoy watching the birds in our yard too, so this will be a great place to keep track of that information. The Garden Journal, Planner, and Log Book would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys working in their yard and is ready to learn more from their gardening experiences!
Kate ~
Just what I need to help me keep track of what’s happening in my garden! November 29, 2015
This is the perfect solution to all the notes that get made just to get lost before the new growing season. Now I can make all my gardening notes in one place on these lovely forms. I love the fact that this is useful year round with the garden diary, planning, and wildlife spotting pages.