THE GARDEN JOURNAL, PLANNER & LOG BOOK is designed to make record-keeping simple and easy. Every form is designed to include all the pertinent information needed, while minimizing the amount of time required to record that information. Just on the individual plant pages alone, there are over fifty possible check boxes for each plant. Use as many or as few as you desire, and record as much or as little as you wish in the spaces for other information.
• Fill out log pages for annuals, biennials and perennials, with the location of each plant
• Keep track of the lifecycle of all your flowers, herbs, vines, etc. on log pages.
• Fill in the times to prune, trim and tidy which plants by season, depending on your area.
• Make a plan for up to four years on the planning pages.
• Draw out garden plots for twenty beds on graph paper with notes on the pages opposite.
• Keep records of hardscaping, weather, formulas, pests and diseases, cultivation and propagation, bloom and harvest times, flowers, bulbs, fruit, vegetables, herbs, vines, shrubs and trees.
• Keep a diary for all the things you simply must write out using sentences or drawings, because as much as gardening is a science, it is an art above all.
YOUR GARDEN WILL LOOK LIKE ART; but you will know that
THE GARDEN JOURNAL, PLANNER & LOG BOOK is the science behind your success.